“The Tao of Twitter”: Should be titled, “The Grow of Twitter”

Finished reading Mark Schaefer’s book, carefully, slowly, so not to miss the value this great thinker has penned in, “The Tao of Twitter“.

Wikipedia states, Tao means a way, path or route; so too, is Mark’s book, the path to growth using Twitter.

At 91 pages of text, it’s a winner. Brevity, clarity is necessitated in so few pages. Mark fleshes out Twitter’s architecture, “the buttons”,  and how to navigate it well. Everyone can get something from this handy little book, beginners and old-hats.

The powerful value is in learning how he created a successful consultancy, armed primarily with Twitter. He also demonstrates how seemingly innocuous Tweets can turn into very profitable relationships. The subtitle, “Changing you life and business 140 characters at a time”, says it all.

For those who toy with Twittering or not, beginners, quitters and even us ‘know-it-alls’, the book is ‘shock-full’ of tips. Already, a new version will be out soon; because as a matter a fact, Twitter may be enjoying a second life now that thinkers like Mark Schaefer are demystifying this robust tool that allows people to reach out to many publicly as no other app has–with ease and speed. For business, my last sentence is not to be taken lightly. Mark my words, Twitter is a powerful tool for business (Mark, absolves the regulated fields from this precept).

Mark thought I had made a type-o in a message to him recently, where I used the words “Rudes of Engagement”; I had not. I was referring to several passages in his book, in reference to good form, electing to follow your followers if you can. (I am a latent Emily Poster.) Mark offers an interesting fact, “70% of people you follow will follow you back”; I question this stat as encouraging as it is. Besides, as Mark explains, “[they won't see your updates, if you don't follow them back]“; there is no currency in not being seen in a public app, so you might as well follow-back. (I make a practice of sending all my personal followers donning a pic, a thank you note with a follow-back.)

By osmosis, Mark has distilled “how to succeed using Twitter” down to three critical elements:

  1. Targeted Connection +
  2. Meaningful Content +
  3. Authentic Helpfulness

The synergy of these three elements is important and he details the finer points of each in three separate chapters.

I have already refined my profile in the last few days and my Tweets a little; I am rolling up my sleeves to “Schaefer my Twitter”. SWOOSH! (Mark’s last name reminds me of a blade.)

NOTE to Twitter: I recommend you send Mark a nice big cheque because he deserves it for smoothing out the rough edges of this twitchy app and helping the masses benefit from it. Notwithstanding, my love of Twitter has grown.

NOTE to Tweeps: I give this book 4-stars. Schaefer Your Twitter! without having to show up in New Jersey for a semestre of learning! at Rutgers U. i.e. Buy it now and get a jump on the competition. ($8.99 paperback; $5.99 Kindle)

(No, I have no affiliation; Mark and I are new acquaintances having interviewed him at Tribe Radio last month. Sometimes, some people deserve to be buttered-up.) While we are talking about Mark…

I have learned this man is not known for hyperbole; he tells it like it is, so the economy of words in the book, in his interviews, denote a clarity and sincerity that stand out in the hyped-up social revolution. Most remarkable, with his busy schedule, Mark exhibits extraordinary respect and generosity toward all his ingenues, students and even casual acquaintances; many “A-listers” do not generally display these characteristics.

To hear more from Mark’s outlook on P2P and Tao listen to this recent interview, at Tribe Radio.



I am looking forward to a revised edition to help me master the latest Twitter upgrades which do not sit well with me. Case in point:

Just over one week ago, Twitter made changes to its menu and the way the information is displayed. May I express my discontent at this auspicious moment. With this new development the new “activity” is all avatar driven, with no profile or Tweets showing; it behaves more like LinkedIn except with no info. Your eyes are darting all over the stream of images looking for someone addressing you. Now you have to see a zillion avatars of what all your tribes are doing by mere, banal headers like “who followed who”. Frankly, this should be another tab on the menu for those who like picture books.

Subscribe to Mark’s Extraordinary blog ” Grow”

Or visit his site , “Businesses Grow”

P.S. The side effect of reading this book, is that is stays by my side, alongside my cell, my laptop and my stapler. Thank God it’s small and does not eat-up too much real estate.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely and thought-provoking review Marie. I’m so delighted we’re connected!

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