Pinterest signals the start of web’s next phase

Screen Shot of my Pinterest page March 8, 2012

There is no argument that the web is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Pinterest is one of the new belles at the ball; she seems to be on everyone’s dance card. What Pinterest achieves that Facebook, Google+ and other social networks do not, is immediate access to many ideas and people in one view. This means no downloads, confined to one entity with each and no time wasted reading idle chatter. You can view context you have already defined in your settings and receive a visual synopsis with captions from the many and not the one; this is key. Time is valuable and our curiosity has been stealing it, with little value derived from this theft.


It is time for the web to enter the next stage of its evolution. It is overdue, in fact. Developers, investors in applications, must understand how people function once content reaches their ears and eyes. The visual cues can make or break any interaction. The  line-up of hyperlinks, links, logos, text at entry points must all be subsumed for the truly engaging visual, faster modality. You cannot fight the way the human brain works. Data, code, pixels and their progenitors must now say to themselves, “we must adapt to human behavior, we have pushed them to the limits of IT”.  This is the era of the shutterbug and the videographer; this is where engagement speeds up and can carry through to conversion. An image is “worth a thousand words”; this will never change. Notwithstanding, captions have always been the most read copy in advertising; in our formative years, all images in our books where accompanied with captions. We creatures of the image seek to confirm our comprehension of an image and this is the the most powerful use of text; so, invest in the time you spend in captions, alt tags and the first comment.

I am not finished on matters of Pinterest; because, it is about how we people function. The heart of my work.

Stay-tuned for my Pinterest journey and how you can leverage it in a human context. Forget that it is an application.

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One response to “Pinterest signals the start of web’s next phase

  1. Gordon

    Yes! Pinterest works on so many levels. For example, many people, like me, are visual learners. We find what we want much more quickly and accurately in a visual Pinterest format than almost any other way. (I always click on “Images” when doing a Google search for most everything–just amazing to see what comes up).
    As online retail evolves (think Etsy), Pinterest will become more interesting and valuable–a massive global visual Wishlist.
    It’s also a huge time sink, but that’s good thing–learning is learning.

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